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Defining paths in the fields of human, social, economic and trade relations that are essentially planning to be tackled. Our ability to create and manage strategies is what makes us challenging for dynamic interaction and integration at the global level. It is what connects us, makes us learn and teach in perfect harmony with the goals of our business partners. Our focus is what really matters!


Marketing is delivery, it's communication, it's value, it's the support of our company that connects people to the market and puts us in the right place and time. Our team has all the skills of marketing, with wide coverage of their aspects, tactics and tools. Our academic background and business management expertise enables a sustainable marketing strategy that is neither isolated nor lost in time. We are a mix of experience, innovation, creativity and knowledge. This combination allows us to connect your business to the market and the public, noiselessly and effectively!


Generate new ideas, create new products and services, seek solutions and differentiation. We believe in the creative process as being able to analyze the information we have, knowing how to choose the relevant information and finding the way to solve problems. For us, desire, preparation, incubation, anticipation, insight, and validation are all stages of the creative process that makes us competent. We offer our partners a unique opportunity for growth and development. Our "Eureka" is your satisfaction!


To believe in learning is to make the impossible possible! It is doing more and better with each experience, with each connection. A learning organization is one in wich people continually improve their capabilities and allow themselves to be authors and co-authors of the future. Our goal is to develop skills, gain new insights and thus build a new approach with innovative mental models, team learning, systemic thinking and shared vision of a common future, with results for the benefit of the organization.

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Engagement, implementation and evaluation. This is our strategic focus. A team made up of people for people. The connection moves us! Connection with our partners, the market, consumers and your goal. Professors in Marketing and IT, our academic background sets us apart.

Graduates in Business Management and Information Systems, Masters in Consumer Behavior, Sales Management and E-commerce Management, PhD students in Business Management with specialization in Organizational Learning and Information Systems Management. To top off our strength, a member of the Generation Z, digital native, expert in virtual socialization, disruptive and innovative.

With just one click you have at your disposal the best professionals, with the best solutions for your demands. We are lovers of the challenge, the innovator, the effective. Our motivation is an opportunity to reach your goals, meet your needs with courage, energy and know-how. We humanize marketing to differentiate your business in the natural dynamics of a free market. From our experience and insights a new perspective awaits you!

Silvio MenezesCTO | IT & Processes
Karla MenezesCEO | Marketing & Learning Consultant
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